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Fall Harvest Days Show Rules

Safety must not be overlooked in any of our show activities. This set of rules covers some obvious areas of concern but no list can account for all possible conditions that may arise. All exhibitors are cautioned to be on the lookout for unsafe conditions at our show and take appropriate steps to correct them. If you are unable to correct the situation by yourself, or are unsure of what course of action to take, notify a club officer or director at the Registration Desk.

1. No one can drive on show grounds (except in the tractor pull area) without being able to show a valid drivers license.
2. Please sign in at the Registration Desk.
3. Do not block the Unloading Docks or leave equipment unattended there.
4. Look out for spectators and pedestrians at all times.
5. The speed limit on the show grounds for all vehicles is 10 mph or walking speed among pedestrians. (If you are moving faster than the pedestrians, you are driving too fast.)
6. Operators of motorized vehicles must demonstrate the ability to operate their vehicle in a safe manner.
7. Never leave any equipment running unattended! Operators of any equipment must ensure that everyone is a safe distance away during the operation of that equipment. Belted machinery must be roped off to protect spectators.
8. All motorized vehicles that are driven on the show grounds must have adequate brakes, throttle and steering controls and must not be leaking flammable liquids.
9. Vehicles with any uncorrected unsafe conditions must not be driven during the show.
10. Petroleum fuels and other flammable liquids must be stored in approved safety containers only and kept away from spectators. Equipment must be stopped and sufficiently cooled before refueling. No smoking or open flames permitted during refueling.
11. Each exhibitor should have an appropriate fire extinguisher on or near their display and know how to use it.
12. Use caution when unloading and loading your equipment.
13. Motorized traffic on the show grounds is limited to authorized vehicles and/or designated areas only.
14. No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the show grounds (on you or in you).
15. Wheel blocks (chocks) are required if there is any danger that your display may roll or move unintentionally. When in doubt, use them. (If you need some, a club member can help you locate some.)
16. All mounted equipment must be lowered to the ground when parked. All mower cutter bars must be covered.
17. Use extreme caution when riders are on you equipment. Look all around continuously when backing.

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